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Who is the murderer

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    The murder of Max Tennison.
    • Max: the host.
    • Peter: Max’s friend and Alice’s boyfriend.
    • Thomas: Peter friend, has a crush on Max.
    • Alice: Peter’s girlfriend, knows Thomas since Highschool.
    Max had invited his friends to his new house. It was Wednesday night, and they were all ready to have dinner together. Everybody got on time to the house and talked a lot before actually eating. Once dinner was on the table, they all got together to the dinning room and ate.
    “I’ve been in love with him since a lot of time ago, Alive can tell it, I told her everything since the beginning, I am not the murderer, I love him. About what I saw, I remember that Peter and I smoked together in the backyard, but he told me he needed to pee, so he left, and I went a lil bit farer and smoke there, then was when I saw it, Alice and Max were kissing in the living room.”
    “Dude, are you kidding me? He’s my friend, we basically grew up together, whenever any of us needed something there was the other one to help him out. What I saw? I saw literally nothing! I told the other officer already, I was smoking with Thomas outdoors, but I needed to pee, when I went upstairs, I saw Alice getting out of living room, I don’t know what she was doing there if it was lonely once she left, anyways. The bathroom was clean, at least it smelled really good, I thought someone had showered recently. I peed and then left, Thomas was going downstairs and went directly to his room, kinda in rush, then the power went out and I went to smoke again, I know nothing else.”
    “My god I can’t believe this happened. Last night we were all happy and now Max is dead, also the murderer is one of them, they who are supposed to be their friends, ONE OF THEM IS MY BOYFRIEND AND THE OTHER IS MY BESTFRIEND. Imma calm down, ok, so after dinner I wen to take a shower but my clothes were in my back in the living room, so I went there. Max was there reading something and then he started talking to me, now I gotta confess something I am not proud of, I kind liked him. I feel bad for Thomas because he was in love with Max but as far as I knew Max was straight. The thing is that we talked, and he told me he knew that I liked him so he kissed me but I didn’t want to, first I have a boyfriend and he was in the house, but I kissed him back, a moment later we heard something in the hallway and I separated him from me, I think I hurt his elbow. After that I went directly to Thomas’ bedroom and dressed up, then I left to take some free breath and when I came back Thomas seemed to be sleeping but I needed to talk to somebody, so I woke him up.
    “Yes, I went into the house later cause peter didn’t comeback, I looked for him, but I think he was constipated, there were some weird noises in the bathroom, when the power when out I got scared so I run downstairs and went to sleep. Time later Alice woke me up and confirmed what I saw, she kissed with the man I loved, I told her I was going to tell Peter. She got mad and left.”
    “Yes… the kiss, I knew it, I knew she liked somebody else, but I didn’t think it was Max. I was shocked when she told me.”
    “Please, I wanna leave, I didn’t do nothing else when I left Thomas’ room, I just went to my own room and got to sleep. Peter got there half an hour later, he had been smoking so I got mad, and we fought, I was so angry I left the room with him just behind me.
    The discover.
    Thomas got out of his bed, he had been crying because of what happened between Alice and max, the only thing that got him out was all the shouts in the dinning room. It was Alice and peter fighting, she was going upstairs cause “she wanted to talk with somebody”, then she got in the living room and the other two did as well. They saw it, there was Max’s body, lying on a couch, the floor was full of blood and his wrists were opened. Had he committed suicide?
    Coroner’s report:
    – The man died because of the bleeding; his wrists were totally opened with a shaving blade that was found n the third floor. The cuts were so severe that he couldn’t even have had enough strength to cut the other one once the first one was chopped. It was not suicide.
    – The missing shoe was found in the bathroom without blood.
    – The stab in his side left him wayless to escape.

Viendo 1 entrada (de un total de 1)
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