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    Hello Andrew, how are you? How did you do at ICFES?

    •Hi, I’m good and you? it was super

    Person 1: I heard you’re planning to go to Germany sometime around this month. When are you going?
    Person 2/answer: I think next week on wednesday.

    Hey! what is your favorite color right now?
    My favorite color is blue.

    How did you do in school?

    I was bored by the principal’s talk about behavior.


    katniss:Prim don’t study medicine it could be terrifying
    Prim: I’ll help people,you shouldn’t stop me

    Sofia Oviedo Betin

    – Hey, what do you wanna do this weekend?
    A. Mmm, I don’t know yet (correct)
    B. How nice
    C. My mom doesn’t know

Viendo 7 entradas - de la 1 a la 7 (de un total de 7)
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