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  • What have you heard about inference texts?

    that´s the most difficult part of the engllish test

    are texts that for answer the questions, you dont have to use the literal information that are in the text, you have to infer new information with analysis and critical thinking

    I’m not totally sure, but I would say that it might be a text where the answers aren’t “visible”, so it requires you to analyze it more and carefully.

    is to understand sarcastic things

    Sofia Oviedo Betin

    Have you ever heard of inference texts?
    They are those texts in which the answer must be inferred, that is, the answer will not be found explicitly in the text.

    analyze the text and relate terms to understand and sometimes you can read the question first and then read

    It’s related with critical reading, you have to link the content of the text with the ideologies of the author and identify expressions used, this will help you find his/her intention.

    Text comprehension is my biggest difficulty.

    In inferential texts you are given an specific information, and through the analysis and careful reading, you can found out more information related to the topic but in a implicit way.

    Carol Ramírez

    they are the most difficult texts of the state test. They are also those who help us to have a good understanding of reading

Viendo 11 entradas - de la 1 a la 11 (de un total de 11)
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