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  • What kind of texts do you know and which is the one that most attracts you?

    I know texts like novels, essays, news, scripts and articles. The one that most attract me is novel, because I love complex stories and well-developed characters.

    there´s a lot of texts, but personally I like narrative texts specially sci-fi

    philosophical texts, because they are very reflective

    Narrative texts, and the one I like the most is the argumentative one

    Formal letter.
    Informal letter.

    I like texts that short and easy to read

    I like narrative texts and articles or news articles.

    I know about novels, journals, articles, essays, news and more. I would say that Essays about horros things are the most that attracts my atenttion because i always been a fan of horror things like books, movies, etc.

    I know the scientific texts, argumentative, narrative, literary and the one like the most is the narrative

    I like descriptive and narrative texts, other texts that I know are informative.

    I know the argumentative, philosophical, descriptive, informative and I like the argumentative.

    I am aware of the basic types of texts: argumentative, narrative, expository, descriptive, among a few others. But the type that catches the most my attention is narrative because in this kind of text the imagination of the author and the reader are beyond limits, you can create as many different lives and worlds as you want and gives you an amusing view of the world (even though this tends to be gloomy and quite harsh with everyone).

    I know every kind of text, including narrative, descriptive, scientific, argumentative, and literary. I am most attracted is the literature because is relaxed and funny.

Viendo 14 entradas - de la 1 a la 14 (de un total de 14)
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