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  • If you could create an advertisement in a specific place, which one would you create?

    Create it and share it!

    Carefully with the lions!

    RTA: Zoo

    Try this new shampoo for have a beautiful and long hair. I put this in a supermarket.
    No sé si plantee bien lo que quería decir

    Crearía un anuncio para una carretera, para evitar accidentes.

    Be careful, lots of curves
    Slow down the speed

    I would put an advertisement in the window of my house saying “Careful, rabid cat” (although my cat is not rabid) so people would stop bothering our cat when they see it sleeping around the window.

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    Sofia Oviedo Betin

    Beautiful family photos are taken!!!
    -photography studio

    restaurant 50 km down the mountain

    •On the road

    Keep the silence, another persons need silence!

    A) ZOO

    RTA: (B)

    please don’t park here

    Be careful
    School zone

    Juan Sebastián

    Are you tired of your skates breaking in half?

    buy your skates at

    Caution! Angry child if hungry.

    I would put it in the door of my brother´s bedroom.

Viendo 13 entradas - de la 1 a la 13 (de un total de 13)
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